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The Postal Museum

Before email, text messages, FaceTime and WhatsApp, there was the postal service. And, now, visitors to London or those seeking to entertain children during the holidays have a new attraction to add to their sight-seeing list in the form of the Postal Museum. However, alongside the likes of the Churchill War Rooms, it’s not necessarily one for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia.

It’s sometimes difficult to appreciate just how revolutionary the modern postal service was but the Postal Museum seeks to change that viewpoint. The range of exhibitions includes Victorian valentine cards, letters and a silver ingot recovered from a ship torpedoed in 1941 and, of course, the chance to learn more about the Mail Rail. This was the underground railway that, for over 75 years, moved post around the capital beneath its streets. Now, visitors can ride through the same tunnels in replica trains (warning: the carriages are small and the tunnels a very snug fit) and even try their hand at sorting mail on a moving post office (aka a train).

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