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New York or The Lake District? - Bank Holiday Traffic Uncovered...

As the butt of hundreds of comedy sketches and many, many news’ reports, bank holiday road traffic is infamous. Consequently, it may come as no surprise to those who were stuck on the UK road network this Whitsun bank holiday weekend to learn that they might have been able to fly to New York in the same time they spent on the road. This information comes courtesy of Virgin Atlantic and INRIX, a transportation analytics company. While flights from London to New York taking an average of seven hours and forty-five minutes, someone setting off by road from London for the Lake District will have spent an average of eight hours travelling.

And it’s not just long road journeys. Even those people travelling under 100 miles from London will have spent 70% longer than average to reach their destination. These figures won’t convince everyone that we should swap our hot, fractious car trip for a trans-Atlantic flight, but they may persuade some of us to consider whether bank holiday weekends are the best time to take domestic trips.

The findings tally with a survey from NFU Mutual, which found that 73% of UK travellers plumped to travel within their own country last year instead of going abroad. According to VisitBritain, the number of short domestic trips of four nights or fewer have increased by over 20%. This represents a massive slice of income for the travel sector, especially for businesses based in and around London, which remains the top UK destination.

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