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Off the Beaten Track in Dundee

The desire to leave the beaten track and avoid the crowds is strong in many would-be holidaymakers. Lonely Planet is one organisation that does it best to assist with this tricky quest. Its picks for the best 2018 holidays away from the crowds has a surprising inclusion. Alongside the likes of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, Cantabria in Spain and Tirana in Albania, is Scotland’s Dundee.

Tom Hall from Lonely Planet explained that “while visitors have always been assured of a friendly welcome, Dundee has often been overlooked by travellers to Scotland”. He went on to point out that the forthcoming opening of the V&A Dundee is a seminal event for the city, placing it firmly on the national map. With the grand opening scheduled for 15 September 2018, the museum is Scotland’s first design museum and, with a waterfront building resembling a Scottish cliff face, it looks every inch the part. Fittingly, for a city with such strong shipbuilding associations, its first major exhibition will showcase the glory days of ocean liners, both above and below decks.

Doubtless Dundee’s civic authorities are hoping that the new museum will prove a springboard for tourists to explore other parts of the city and its surrounding area. The Lonely Planet list of holiday suggestions can only encourage this and perhaps also prompt undecided travellers to consider new destinations for their next trip.

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