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The Importance of Instagram...

Although the package holiday market remains buoyant, the “experience economy” looks set to continue to lead the way when it comes to holiday trends throughout 2018. Many travellers, particularly in more affluent subsets, are keener than ever for their holiday experiences to focus on learning new skills, getting active and on taking a more active part in customising their travel and hotel experience. Much of this is driven by the continuing popularity of social media sites such as Instagram. Many Instagrammers have large followings and take considerable care in their use of hashtags to maximise their visibility. There’s plenty of guidance online for travel Instagrammers, and tags such as #wanderlust, #travelgram and #adventure indicate the poster’s motives.

With 700 million active users every month, Instagram has huge pulling power. How something will look on Instagram ought to be a very real motivator when it comes to appealing to these “experience economy” travellers. Indeed, hoteliers and travel companies are already beginning to recognise its potential as a showcase for their products. The internet is already full of collated lists detailing, for example, Instagram’s most popular hotels in 2017 (according to one list, 7 of the top 11 were apparently in Las Vegas, which may say more about the larger US demographic that uses Instagram than anything else). Large hotel companies, such as Marriott, already have well-designed and well-used Instagram feeds. If they have not already done so, boutique hotels and smaller travel companies should consider following suit. The most popular travel Instagrammers have in excess of 1 million followers: a huge, potential market ready for tapping.

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