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Kerala Onam Celebration London

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala comes live on Monday 4 September on the banks of The River Thames at The Royal National Theatre, Southbank - the cultural hub of London.

Kerala Onam Celebration

Traditionally, In Kerala, Onam festival spans about 6 days or so. The celebration build up begins 10 days before the Thiru Onam - the big day which is the second Onam in the calendar with creating Pookalam - a floral design/art work/rangoli in front of every Keralite houses. The Pookalam grows bigger in size as Thiru Onam nears. Various dances such as Thiruvathira Kali, Kaikotti Kali, Pulli kali ( Tiger Dance) are also performed by women and men on these days. Onam Sadhya ( Onam Feast) is one of the highlight of the festival with 30+ traditional Veg: dishes all served on a plantain leaf and eaten with friends and families throughout Kerala. Onam at South Bank London aims to replicate a ‘taste of Kerala’ and shall end the festivities by visiting the ''Future Dust'' Event at OXO Tower - an installation by artist Maria Areco for Totally Thames Trust, supported by Mayor of London for a greener, cleaner London. (Part of your ticket money goes to the Trust!)


Monday 4th September - National Theatre South Bank London

11.30: Welcome /Registration/Glass of Prosecco

11.45 - 13.00: Pookalam drawing (Floral decoration begins)- All can participate and applying your artistic talent in making the Best Pookalam shall put it under test. Good Luck to you  !!!

13.00 - 14.30: Onam Sadhya** (Onam feast on plantain leaf)

(** Due to raw material, personnel, cooking & other logistical constraints, we can only serve about 10-12 dishes at the venue.)

14.30 - 15.00: Thank you note & a LUCKY DRAW along with Kerala Masala Chai (Tea).

15.00: ( Optional) Visit to OXO Tower for ''Future Dust'' a Totally Thames project, (a Mayor of London initiative) installation by artist Maria Areco. (5 mins walk)

CONTACT: Sebastian CHACKO/ Mobile: 07580043235 /email:

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