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The Apprenticeship Levy

What is your strategy for the Apprenticeship Levy and training your workforce?

How are you going to reduce the Levy's real cost and ensure World Class Talent Development ?

The Apprenticeship Levy gives you the chance for talent development, tailored to your organisation’s needs. It is imperative to act now to use the Apprenticeship Levy opportunity to transform how you recruit and 'upskill' your new and existing workforce, especially in the travel & tourism industry.

Now is the time to turn the Apprenticeship Levy cost into a real benefit for your organisation. This is a great time to 'upskill' and recruit. The Apprenticeship Levy should not be viewed as just another tax with no returns. The Guild can help your organisation turn a tax cost in to a world class Talent Development Plan.

Organisations in scope for the Apprenticeship Levy may not have or very small programmes and even those with existing programmes will, in many cases need to expand them to fully utilise their Levy payments.

For these challenges the Guild can:

  • Calculate your Apprenticeship Levy liability and examine self-delivery or outsourcing options

  • Identify your skills and talent development requirements

  • Examine your current training spend and how it can be mapped to an Apprenticeship Levy approved standards

  • Decide whether you have the internal resources to manage the Apprenticeship Levy or need to consider outsourcing

  • Provide solutions for your organisation to achieve the aim of a 'first class talent development' while reducing the real cash costs of the Levy

  • Recruit, Manage and Monitor your Apprenticeship Providers

Guild Education & Training Services include:

  • Advice and strategy with the best options for the Apprenticeship Levy implementation

  • Employer self-delivery or outsourcing management

  • Account & Levy management

  • Financial planning and preparation

  • Recruitment and on-boarding

  • Delivery of Programmes

  • Quality management of providers (Ofsted Standards)

  • Return on Investment reporting and Management Information Systems

The Guild can take the risk and responsibility for running the scheme off your hands, ensuring you can focus on your core business.

For more details about the Apprenticeship Levy, visit:

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