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The Guild remains true to its original purpose; to serve as an association for professionals in the travel and related industries, with the primary function of providing new business opportunities and services.



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To transform The Guild from a traditional trade association into a proactive organisation, which forms partnerships, creates a platform for business to business discussions and develops a community providing a wide range of bespoke services to members on a local and regional basis.


What sets us apart?

The Guild of Travel and Tourism is a leading international travel trade association for professionals working and supplying the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

A key aspect of The Guild is that it welcomes potential members from all sectors of the travel world as well as suppliers to the industry. Individuals, corporates and government groups are encouraged to join.

The Guild is the ideal platform for creating business opportunities in the UK and internationally, acting as a catalyst and providing a platform for members to interchange their ideas and to explore and develop mutual business opportunities.